Sports Betting With BTC

The global crypto boom has ensured that the adoption of digital currencies is increasing all over the globe. This is especially true of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which is considered the mother of the advanced payment method. The entertainment industry, especially… Continue Reading

The advantages of decentralization

Operating a decentralized peer-to-peer electronic money network like Bitcoin is very complex compared to centralized alternatives. Why is decentralization important? And how is decentralization measurable? Last week, the cryptocurrency community celebrated the eleventh anniversary of the Bitcoin whitepaper published by… Continue Reading

BTC Off Chain Transactions

Blockchain aims to enable ‘off chain’ transactions with special network. Blockchain, the Bitcoin wallet provider, recently announced that it is developing a special Thunder network to avoid delays in the course of Bitcoin transactions. The idea of the special network… Continue Reading

What is decentralization?

Decentralization describes a form in which processes, data and much more are no longer managed, carried out, etc. centrally at one location, but are decentralized at various locations, for example. A special form of decentralization is the decentralized blockchain, in… Continue Reading